“It all started when Carmen and his brother, Tony, got off the boat from Italy in the late ’50s and started a hairdressing business in 1963 called La Flair in Burlington…”

Over the years we’ve added family members to the team, rearranged, closed and opened new shops and in 1992 Hair Xtacy was born.

“The original hair pair, Carmen and Tony, closed La  Flair and opened up Tony & Carmen’s Hair Salon in Eastgate Square in 1973. They opened another salon on Brant Street and Upper Middle Road in the late ’70s. Then each went on their own.

Carmen took over the Eastgate shop and Tony took the Brant Street and Upper Middle Road salon. Vince got into the business in 1985, his brother Carmen Jr. started in 1990 and Joe followed shortly after. They and their dad opened Hair Xtacy in 1992. Their sister, Roberta, joined the hair works in the mid-’90s and took over Uncle Tony’s salon, on Brant Street and Upper Middle Road.”

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Since our opening of Hair Xtacy in 1992, these are the awards we proudly hold.


Available for free at both of our locations

Hair Xtacy requires twenty-four hours notice for any cancelled appointments. Please advise the Salon immediately if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Hair Xtacy welcomes you to leave any gratuities either with your stylist or at the front desk with the receptionist and they can ensure it goes to the correct people.


Hair Xtacy is committed to offering each employee a trendy work atmosphere, extensive educational experience, exciting travel opportunities, and a unique experience allowing for personal growth within the beauty industry.

We are constantly searching for talented individuals in the following areas:
• hairstylists
• apprenticeships
• customer care coordinators

If you are interested in pursuing a career with Hair Xtacy, please contact us at either our Downtown location or Appleby location for more details.