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Carmen Commisso is the artistic director and co-owner of Hair Xtacy and Attivo Salon and Owner of Hair Xtacy Academy. He has been mastering all things hair for the past 30 years. Some of Carmens hobbies include Golfing and playing poker. Carmen owns two dogs, Maddie and Venus, and loves animals. His belief is simple; Leave nothing to chance, Art is intentional



Ainsley is the manager within the Hair Xtacy and Attivo salons. When she’s not constantly working behind the scenes, she loves spending time with family, friends, and her adorable dog Otis. She enjoys a fresh Venti Caramel Macchiato Cali style with Whipped cream, to help her get through the day with a little extra boost. So stop by the Salon today, and don’t forget the Starbucks!


Salon Coordinator

Kayla’s role at Hair Xtacy in our downtown location is Salon Coordinator and has been a part of the team since 2015. Although Kayla does not cut or colour hair, she will be more then happy to answer any questions about products, services, and stylists. She attended Sheridan College for Travel and Tourism, and has an interest in German Culture and language. Kayla’s sense of humor, comforting mannerisms, and sense of urgency make every client feel special. You will rarely find Kayla sitting down, as she loves to stay active in and out of the salon. She loves to rollerblade and kayak, so catch her if you can!


Salon Coordinator

Samantha’s role at Hair Xtacy in at our downtown is Salon Coordinator/ Assistant. Samantha has been with us since 2015, she strives for excellence and is always helping our clients feel happy and at home when they come into the salon. She has trained as a stylist, but also has a passion for the business side of operations. Sam has an absolute love for travel and so far has visited 18 countries and hopes to see as much of the world as she can.


New Talent Stylist

Kylie is a recent graduate of Hair Xtacy Academy and is now a new talent stylist at Attivo Salon. Kylie Is fun, energetic and is always willing to learn new things to better her craft as a stylist. Outside of the salon Kylie loves to see new things and travel the world. If you are wanting to see an outgoing charismatic stylist, Book with Kylie now!

Ric Aiello

Hair Stylist – Walkers location

Ric began his career at the age of 18. Ric was born in Italy and moved to Canada at the age of five years old. Ric has proven himself as a visionary artist with his clients and co-workers alike. Ric has also been an educator for Helen Curtis and Goldwell travelling across Canada as well as a veteran working with hair and giving his clients their best possible look. If you want a glamorous look, book your colour and cut with this passionate stylist today.


Hair Stylist – Walkers Location

Tatiana has had a passion for the hair and beauty industry all her life. She has more than ten years experience working in both Europe and three years in Canada. As a professional, she’s committed to continuing her education and training, so that she can stay at the forefront of her field providing excellent services to her clients. Tatiana is fluent in Russian and English. She places a high value on listening to her clients, understanding their needs and respecting the integrity of their hair. “Listening first, and then cutting- that’s her rule to provide the best service her clients deserve”.


Hair Stylist – Walkers Location

Upon completion of high school Amanda started right away on the path to becoming the talented artist she is today. Amanda has been part of the Hair Xtacy team for over 6 years and during this time she has completed her master colouring course with Wella and became fully certified in the New Cut Craft technique. Amanda is an expert in long hair, styling and colour work. Amanda’s keen sense of style always keeps her in touch with new trends. After you visit Amanda, your image becomes her trademark.


Hair Stylist – Walkers Location

Choose a job you love and you will feel like you never have to work a day in your life. That’s why Anita began her career at the age of 18 shadowing her mom in her salon. Years later now a licensed stylist, Anita loves working with short, long, fine, thick, straight or curly hair. She loves all hair types. To Anita, there is always a feeling of accomplishment that comes in knowing that your clients completely trust you and look forward to their time in the salon. At the end of the day, Anita is grateful to be a part of the “best hair salon in Burlington”.


Hair Stylist – Ironstone and Walkers location

Frozan was born in Afghanistan; in 1993 she moved to Canada and decided she wanted to pursue a career in the hair industry. In 2009, Frozan started with us at Hair Xtacy and has been building on her many skills since. In the past few years, Frozan has recently completed her Master Colour Certification, has added make-up artistry to her skills and is now currently practising technical cutting and hair styling as well. On her days off Frozan is usually spotted spending family time with her two children, parents, and four sisters. She enjoys going to the gym and loves going on hikes and runs.


Hair Stylist – Ironstone location

Augusto’s passion for hairstyling is evident in his body of work and his attention to detail. Augusto strives for excellence by keeping himself current and attending multiple cutting and product knowledge classes throughout the year. Outside of the salon his other passions include stream fishing for trout and spending time with family and friends. Augusto’s belief – The simplest things in life bring the most joy.


Hair Stylist – Ironstone location

Mujda started her career with Hair Xtacy in 2000, and over the past 11 years has competed in many competitions not only winning first place at the Stylist Choice Awards but placing top 3 in several others. In Mujda’s free time she enjoys having dinner with friends and spending quality time watching movies with family. If she is not in the salon, with friends or at dinner you might just find her singing and dancing along to her current favorite song, “Thats what I like” by Bruno Mars. If you want a creative, fun and active stylist, book with Mujda today!