Protecting Your Hair from the Summer Sun

Protecting your hair from the sun

Protecting Your Hair from the Summer Sun

As much as you love the warmth from the sun all summer long, the constant sunshine can be detrimental to your fresh, vibrant hair colour. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five ways you can protect your hair colour from the intense summer sun.

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1. Make sure you are using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner/purple pigmented ones for blondes

Make sure you are working to protect your hair before you even go out into the sun! To preserve your colour, use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner. This will make your colour last longer, stay more vibrant, and be more resistant to fading both in the sun and out of it.

2. Invest in a sunblock for your hair

We all know how important it is to apply sunscreen to our skin when we’re outside in the summer, but did you know your hair needs the same treatment? Your hair and scalp are at just as much risk of damage from the sun’s heat and UVA/UVB rays as the rest of your skin is. Before going outside, apply a specially formulated sunblock for hair and scalp to protect your hair from drying out and your colour from fading!

3. Do weekly deep conditioning treatments

Dry hair is at higher risk of damage and colour fade, so do deep conditioning treatments on your hair at least once per week. Applying these treatments will replenish your hair’s moisture and help it hang onto your colour longer!

4. Apply leave-in conditioner when you go to the beach

If you’re heading down to the beach or spending the afternoon poolside, apply a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from any salt or chlorine your hair may come into contact with when you jump in the water to cool down! The conditioner creates a protective barrier between your hair and the water which will prevent it from absorbing those damaging chemicals. You can reapply throughout the day as needed!

5. Wear a hat!

Finally, the simplest solution of them all: just wear a hat! Not only will wearing a hat guard your hair from the colour-fading rays of the sun, but it will also keep you cooler and protect your face from the sun.

With these tips, you can be sure your colour will be long-lasting and beautiful this summer! If you want to know more, or want a professional opinion, book an appointment with one of our expert stylists today!

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