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Do you need a haircut or a new look? Whether you are looking for a professional haircut, haircuts for boys, haircuts for men, haircuts for girls, haircuts for teens, we have in-house talent to serve you. You can choose from our talent pool of  Award Winning stylists, seasoned stylists and/or our new talent. There is a stylist that is right for you. Whether you are seeking a complete makeover from a pro or seeking a quick cut for your baby, we have somebody to suit your budget and/or your fashion sense!


You’d be surprised to learn not all salons require their colourists to be certified! Yikes! Be assured all of our colorists are highly trained, certified, AND will always do the right thing by you. Colour is a serious business. Every head of hair is different. Long hair, short hair, fine hair, thick hair, curly hair, dark hair, light hair, damaged hair, thinning hair, etc…no two clients should be treated the same. Truth be told, if you value your hair, talk to your stylist to see what is right for you.

Hair Treatments

Is your hair “breaking”? Is it dry? Is it losing its pizzazz? Hair can definitely become damaged for several reasons. You may already have good intuition what happened to your hair. It may have been over-processed, not conditioned properly, or just grew brittle over time because of illness, diet or medications. When you begin to suspect hair damage, or you wish to prevent it, you can speak with your stylist to see what is best for you.  While over-the-counter products seem to offer solutions, you may really want to know the “products” and ingredients you are applying to bring your hair back to life.

Hair Extensions

Adding the lush look to your hair? Adding that volume and extra length is possible with hair extensions. It takes about one hour to apply and will last 4 – 8 weeks. That lush look is one click away. Book Your appointment now.

Blow Dry Only & Go

When you need to quickly go from “blah” to WOW!  and just have tie for a quick wash and blow to brighten you up…book an appointment at one of our Hair Xtacy Salons now. Prices range from $35 and up. Best to call for pricing depending on the final glam look you want to accomplish: examples include: Updo, curls, braids, hair straightening, men’s cuts etc, it’s all possible. Simply call your preferred location and/or book your time now!

Perms & Straighteners

Get flawless perms and absolutely straight hair with professional salon products. You will be taken care of by licensed stylists in one of 3 top salons. You will get those head-turning curls and natural waves you’ve always wanted. Or that head of straight silky shiny hair that you’ve dreamt of. You’ll need a professional to achieve those perfect results because you’ll be using a combination of professional products and trained talent that have mastered the art of hair!

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Beauty and style are not traits that should be overlooked. The world drops at your feat when sporting a fresh look with jaw dropping highlights, colours, and style. Take the world by storm and adopt your next revolutionary look.

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Join Us For A Coffee!

We’re all about making you feel welcome, as soon as you come to our salon help yourself to a premium Italian coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso, or whatever you fancy. Sit down and have a chat with our friendly staff while you wait for your stylist to greet you.

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Our expertly trained stylists will give you an hair styling experience like never before. Feel pampered during every part of your hairxtacy salon experience.

You’ll Feel More Beautiful Than Ever Before

You’ll be so happy with your experience that you won’t be able to wait to come back. We’ll go ahead an book your next appointment before you leave so you’ll never have to go a day without perfect hair.

Wash, Rinse, Cut, Dry, Repeat!

By becoming a client of Hairxtacy, you aren’t becoming just any loyal customer, you’re becoming part of a family that cares about you deeply and will stop at nothing but to provide you with exactly what you want..



I’ve been going to Carmen for about 5 years now. Always walk out happy! The colour products are high quality so It lasts longer. Never goes brassy like Other places I’ve been to. Love the atmosphere of the smaller location. Everyone cares about each other there and I always feel that I am a priority. It’s a family business so it’s nice to support our city.

Leeanne O'Rourke

As someone from out of town, it was hard to go somewhere new. Ric made me feel right at home, it was like this was my home salon the whole time I was here. The colour was amazing, my blonde has never been so fresh. One of the best places I have ever been too. Definitely worth it to visit this place. Amazing service, colour as well as amazing cappuccino!! If I’m back in the area I’m coming back.

Shohannah Smith
I always have a great experience here! This is my favourite Burlington salon. Yesterday I went into the hair salon and I needed to be out within 40 minutes. My hair is long and thick. Amanda did an amazing cut with lots of layers, took about 2-3 inches off my hair and did a blow dry and style all within 40 minutes! I was so pleased. When she finished I couldn’t believe the time. She was fast, efficient, made my hair look amazing and I felt good and could get to my next appointment!
Rachel B

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