Summer is here… Control Your Frizz!

Do you have more than an inch of hair on your head, have you ever left your house during the summer heat?

Of course you have, and you’ve probably experienced the mortifying feeling of perfectly curling your hair for a hot date just to step outside for 5 minutes and look like you have the main of a 500lbs male lion.

The biggest problem we see as stylists is that people just don’t know how to tame the mane, ultimately leading to hundreds of first dates that never had the chance to make it to the second all because of dumb, ugly frizz.

Option 1: Salon treatment

With summer upon us, we all need to prepare ourselves for the sun exposure our hair is about to endure in the next few months. Getting into the salon for a Keratin smoothing treatment is a perfect way to reduce the that summer frizz and dullness, and bring some shine back into your life!

Your hair is made up of keratin, so this treatment puts back the protein that’s been lost from chemical damage, age, and of course the sizzling summer sun. This treatment couldn’t be more perfect for you busy summer babes who might not have the time to pamper your hair every morning with nourishing products.


This will last you the next 4-5 months, and will be a lifesaving treatment for almost any hair out there; mom, dad, grandma, maybe even your long-haired sheep dog (or maybe not). Our liquid Keratin Professional treatment is such a good option for taming that crazy frizz we’re all dreadfully anticipating.


Option 2: Do it Yourself

Long hair or short hair, washing to styling, de-frizzing our locks isn’t as simple as some products make it out to be. Some shampoos seem to weigh your hair down, while others have oils that grease it back up, and seeing a wall full of products can be overwhelming. So how exactly do we pick the right anti-frizz products for our type of frizzy hair? 3 products that will give any hair type moisture, body and protection:

Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner.

Caviar is lightweight enough that even frizzy fine hair won’t feel heavy after cleansing. A dime-size amount will lather your hair, and a product without sulphites will also keep it strong and healthy.

Wella Luxe Oil

Maintaining thick frizzy hair doesn’t stop when your shower does. Wella Luxe Oil will tame those fly away hairs, while also giving your hair that bounce and shine that the humidity takes away. It’s a thicker oil that works best running through the ends of your hair with your fingers. Its best to put on towel dried hair, but for thicker curly hair you can apply it to your dry ends for a quick fix.

Wella Protection Spray

Now, whether you have fine or thick hair, everyone needs to protect their hair against the suns UVA/UVB rays. Since frizz is our main topic (and enemy), we should focus mostly on that, however sun damage can make your colour fade faster and dry out your hair! Wella protection spray uses a light mist mixture of vitamins and nutrients that are key in keeping your hair healthy, smooth, soft and guess what?




Honestly ladies and gents, whether it’s a treatment, product, we’re here to keep you and your hair looking hot, sleek and frizz free. Hair Xtacy and Attivo have you covered for these products and treatments; come see us and stop worrying about the summer stresses of dull hair and frizz!




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