How to Control Your Hair When the Humidity is Out of Control

Control your hair in humidity

How to Control Your Hair When the Humidity is Out of Control

Summer means sunshine, warmth, beach days, and cottage weekends. Unfortunately for your hair, though, summer also means humidity. Humidity that makes your sleek blow-out turn into a poofy mess or your perfectly crafted waves fall flat and frizzy in no time at all. 

Continue reading below for our best tips on how to manage your summer frizz and keep your hair looking amazing no matter the weather!

Before we get into these tips, make sure you book your next appointment ASAP! Spots for July are filling up fast!

1. Use the Right Products

Good frizz management starts in the shower. As the sun and humidity can drastically dry out your hair it is important to make sure you are using the right products to combat this frizz-causing dryness. Use smoothing shampoo and conditioner, as well as leave-in conditioner treatments to fight the frizz before it has a chance to start. After washing your hair apply a lightweight serum or oil. These products will continue the work you started with your moisturizing shampoo! 

2. Braid your hair before you sleep

Braiding your hair at night will prevent the amount of friction created between your hair and your sheets and therefore reduce the amount of frizz. Use a silk scarf or snag-free hair ties to tie your hair up for the night.

3. Wash your hair less

Over-washing your hair strips it of the natural oils that help it naturally combat frizz. Wash your hair every other day at most, and allow your hair to retain the oils that help keep it smooth. On days when you do not shampoo your hair, rinse with warm water, then condition and style as usual. This way, your hair feels fresh, but you haven’t stripped away all the oils your hair needs!

4. Try “protective” styles

Instead of trying to force your hair into a sleek straightened look, go for braids, loose ponytails, or buns instead. These styles will keep your hair contained if it does get frizzy, and also keeps you cool by holding your hair off your neck!

5. Don’t fight your natural hair

Getting your hair to hold a style is next to impossible when the summer humidity is at its peak. To minimize the amount of frizz you have to deal with, don’t fight your natural hair. If you have pin-straight hair, don’t go for a super curly look, because it will fall flat; if you have naturally curly hair, don’t straighten your hair, because it will get poofy and frizzy. Let your natural hair lead the way!

If you put these tips into action, you’ll keep your locks looking silky and smooth no matter what the weather! 

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